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Basic Qaida

This is the essential level course that has the topics like Arabic letters, connection letters, lower and character, mistreatment vowels, silent letters, and punctuation etc. you'll fathom the alphabets and learn Noorani Qaida tajweed Reading with the elemental ideas. the foremost necessary factor enclosed within the course is that the correct pronunciation. we have a tendency to divided the program into numerous chapters. This basic course is nice for teenagers and beginners. At the top of the teachings, they're going to acumen to hitch words. they're going to even be able to browse the words together with Arabic letters.

The tutors attempt their best to bring perfection within the recitation form of the scholars.


This book of Noorani Qaida for youths is that the best book for understanding the necessities of recitation at their home. The materials enclosed within the course area unit for the beginners. The tutors teach one student at a time. this provides them individual attention that the coed will think about the lesson properly.

This is a really valuable course during which you may learn creating sounds in a very Tajweed accent. Our lecturers build an honest observe for you. They move to ensuing lesson unless you may learn the previous lesson properly. The lecturers revise each lesson so you may not forget the lecture. With the assistance of this course, the scholars can have an honest al-Qur'an reading foundation. thus we tend to invite all the Muslims to hitch US and begin this course with US

This is a basic course that offers you strength to maneuver to the advanced level courses. you'll be able to say it's a confirmative course towards correct learning.

Course Schedule ( Class Duration 30 Days )
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